New potential images of Apple's iPhone 5 have hit the web to the fanfare of techies everywhere.

Apple-centric blog 9to5Mac obtained the first images of the back portion of what is rumored to be the next generation in the iPhone's family.

See the video above for the full breakdown of the photos.

Looking at the photos provided by iPhone repair company iFixyouri, it appears several major changes are on the rise for iPhone owners. Instead of a glass back plate, the back of the iPhone 5 will be metal and two-toned. The frame is also larger, supporting the rumor that the iPhone 5 screen will be larger at 3.999 inches.

As for the functionality, the front-facing camera has moved above the ear piece, centering it on the front of the phone. On the backside, there is a new hole in between spaces for the camera lens and the flash. 9to5Mac speculates that this could be the spot for a second microphone, enabling higher quality sound for videos. The headphone jack also appears on the bottom of the frame, as compared to the top.

iFixyouri sent the photos along the pipeline after recently adding the part to their catalog of replacement parts. Whether or not the speculations are true is still anyone's guess, but the photographed part appears to fit many of the Apple rumors that have been circulating.

Click over to 9to5Mac to see the photos for yourself.

Check out the gallery below to see this week's Apple rumors roundup.

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  • The iPhone 5 Will Be Much Larger Than The iPhone 4S

    The most discussed Apple rumor of the week surrounded the size of the next iPhone -- I'm going to call it the "iPhone 5," because I feel like it, okay? -- and whether or not Apple will boost the device's display into Galaxy Nexus territory. <a href="" target="_hplink">Reuters sure thinks so</a>, putting the Internet on alert with a report titled "Apple's new iPhone will use bigger 4.6 inch display." Above, <a href="" target="_hplink">you can see the relative size</a> of an iPhone 4S (which has a 3.5-inch display) and a smartphone that has a 4.65-inch display (Samsung's Galaxy Nexus). That would be a much, much bigger iPhone. But wait! Don't go to Old Navy to start loading up on cargo pants quite yet! Let us here note two things: -First, that Apple could just be ordering 4.6-inch displays for testing on prototypes, and might not necessarily release whatever comes of these tests; - And second, that in August 2011, Reuters <a href="" target="_hplink">had an EXCLUSIVE report that</a> Apple would release two new iPhones: the redesigned iPhone 5, and a cheaper "iPhone 4S" for emerging markets. That turned out to be, uh, <a href="" target="_hplink">not true or accurate</a>. Nice exclusive though, Reuters! Let us also note, in similarly breathless fashion, that there is an alternative. Sure, The iPhone 5 Might Be Much Larger Than The iPhone 4S. That is, unless...

  • The IPhone 5 Will Be Exactly The Same Size As The iPhone 4S

    So says iMore, the Apple-centric blog <a href="" target="_hplink">that nailed the iPad </a><strike>3</strike> annunciation date (but missed on the quad-core processor). According to iMore's "<a href="" target="_hplink">good source</a>" (confidence inspiring!), the next iPhone <a href="" target="_hplink">is currently set to be the same size</a> as the iPhone 4S (or slightly larger -- say, 4 inches?). iMore <a href="" target="_hplink">also hears that</a> it's coming with 4G LTE (uh, duh) and a new micro-dock connector (start saving up for new iPhone car chargers and alarm clocks, as your old ones will no longer work!) and that it should be released in October 2012 (one year after the iPhone 4S was announced). All of this sounds very reasonable, and very safe (and likely very disappointing to a lot of buyers who are hoping for a revolutionary new design). Speaking of things a lot of people are very disappointed in: It looks like Apple is starting up production of the new iPhone in China, whatever it looks like...

  • Foxconn Is Hiring 20,000 Workers To Build The Next iPhone!

    <a href="" target="_hplink">Via M.I.C. Gadget</a>, the English-language, China-based gadget blog, as an <a href="" target="_hplink">aside to a story about</a> a strike over low wages at another Foxconn plant: <blockquote>Meanwhile, the Foxconn plant at Taiyuan is holding heavy recruitment to meet the production of the Apple new iPhones. Yes, you read that right, not iPhone 4/4s, is the next generation iPhone ! According to local news report, the factory urgently needs 20,000 more workers because Foxconn has already received orders for the production of iPhone 5, Foxconn will responsible for 85 percent of the manufacture and about 57 million set have to be produce for each year. </blockquote>

  • Could The iPhone 5 Have Edge-To-Edge Glass?

    We've seen a few mock-ups of the iPhone with edge-to-edge glass, <a href="" target="_hplink">like the one above from ADR Studios</a> -- they're all beautiful, if perhaps overly vulnerable to cracking -- and now we've received a tip that it could become a reality in the next iPhone. This comes from an untested source, but we've heard that the iPhone 5 might be the exact same size and form factor as the iPhone 4S but with edge-to-edge glass, <a href="" target="_hplink">sort of like the upcoming Nokia Lumia 900</a>. Again, this is unconfirmed, and more interesting as a conversation starter than hard news, but edge-to-edge glass on the next iPhone makes sense, at least from a marketing perspective. Apple has <a href="" target="_hplink">continually boasted</a> that its newest iPad eliminates the barrier between you and the content on the device; an edge-to-edge glass Retina display on the iPhone would further bolster that boast and carry it over to the company's smartphone. And now, we end This Week In Apple Rumors as we try to every week: With a super crazy patent that may never see the light of day but which is awesome anyway...

  • Apple Wants To Take A Picture Of Your Television Remote And Make A Working Copy Of It For Your iPhone

    We <a href="" target="_hplink">reported on this earlier in the week</a>, but here's the short version: Imagine replacing your television remote with your iPhone completely. <a href="" target="_hplink">Patently Apple has the scoop</a>: You would take a picture of your remote control with your iPhone's camera; the remote control would be analyzed and a working image of that remote control (with every button on the physical remote control) would appear on your smartphone and work with your television. The iPhone remote would also (hypothetically) be able to turn on and off lights, lock your doors, control your shades and more. Basically, Apple wants you to be able to totally control your home using your iPhone or iPad. Siri, make me a bowl of cereal! That's all for This Week In Apple Rumors; make sure to check back next Sunday, when the entire column will be written via the remote control on my 7.3-inch iPhone 5.


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