05/29/2012 08:05 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

How To Wear Bold Lipsticks--With Any Skin Color (PHOTOS)

In the winter we're usually working a bold, berry lip to add a nice contrast to our ghostly paleness. But now that sun has started to reveal itself along with the possibility that we may again be tan, we've been thinking about the best shades for slightly bronzed skin. Last summer was big for bright brights like fuchsia, tangerine and neon pink. We saw those shades on the spring runways of Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung, and around town on Solange Knowles (perhaps bright lip color biggest champion). But not all bright lipsticks are created equal. Sure a tan helps with these more adventurous shades, but what are the guidelines for getting it right?

In anticipation of warm months and bright lips ahead, we enlisted NARS Director of Global Artistry James Boehmer and MAC Cosmetics senior artist Romero Jennings to help us find our ultimate Summer 2012 lipstick shade. Keep reading for their tips on which colors look best on different skin tones. Then check out our favorite bronzy, bright-lipped ladies -- and the products to get the look.

If your skin tone is fair...
Try a neon pink lipstick," Boehmer says, which will look great "if you're on the fairer side." Jennings suggests a light peach-y coral color. And for fair skin with a slight tan, Jennings says it's best to "complement lips in sheer peach shades with a light bronze pearl. These tones will warm up fair skin."

If your skin tone is medium…
"I love vibrant, orange tones with golden, deep or bronzed skin tones," say Boehmer. Jennings echoes that advice, noting that "warm coral and orange shades enhance medium tanned skin."

If you're skin tone is dark…
"You'll look great with bright vibrant hues and coordinating lip pencils." Jennings recommends bold orange shades with red undertones."

A few things we should all keep in mind...

Enhance your overall look with a dewy sheen: If you do choose a super-pigmented shade, "contrast classic matte lips by adding a bit of glow to your complexion," says Boehmer. "Try a tinted moisturizer, or add a bit of illuminator mixed with SPF or moisturizer."

A lip pencil will get you far: "Don't forget to pair the lipstick with a base coat of lip pencil -- this will help your lip shade stay in place for hours!" says Jennings.

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Lipstick To Wear With A Tan
Lipstick To Wear With A Tan