05/29/2012 04:21 pm ET

Kenneth Timmer Allegedly Urinated On Woman During Argument

That's one way to win an argument.

Kenneth Timmer of Jupiter, Fla., is accused of urinating on a woman during an argument inside a mobile home on May 19.

A sheriff's deputy came to the residence to investigate "a disturbance," according to an arrest affidavit sent to The Huffington Post. The deputy met 27-year-old Meghan Johns, who was wearing a white tank-top covered with a "smelly wet liquid," the report says.

Johns told the deputy that Timmer came into the bathroom before she could finish. They started arguing and that's when Timmer started peeing, first in the toilet and then on Johns' chest, causing her to run for the phone to call police. Timmer, who appeared intoxicated, pushed Johns against the wall while they both grabbed for the phone, according to the affidavit.

The report says Timmer denied any wrongdoing, but his shorts were covered with urine, as was the floor around the bathroom. He was arrested and charged with simple battery.

The urine-soaked spat was not a quarrel between lovers. Timmer was visiting Johns' roommate when the alleged incident took place, according to the affidavit.