Every week, we feature our favorite photo of President Barack Obama from the past few days, and ask you for your best captions.

This photo was taken last Wednesday at a campaign fundraiser in Denver.

Send us your best caption for this photo, either by tweeting one using the #ObamaPhotoCaptions hashtag or by leaving an idea in the comments section. We'll feature our favorite captions below.

obama denver fist
(Photo credit: Ed Andrieski/AP)

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  • momrocks2

  • everybody hates cell

  • Póg Mo Thóin

  • Cyberyang

  • Tariq Meyers

  • DoesItMatter

  • everybody hates cell

  • Reginald Maclin

  • Stephan Dyer

  • matt b

  • Corinne Futch

  • Adam Baldwin

  • Fedup w/POTUS


  • Fedup w/POTUS

  • Moist Slacks

  • Jack Wheat

  • Paul McElligott

  • Dave Shalala

  • wikigregg

  • Susan Danzig

  • Stan Dyer

  • Stan Dyer

  • Kleyton Cooper

  •  iStone 

  • Stan Dyer

  • Ridzuan Osman

  • Michele Lapinski

  • Alan M Zukof

  • Chris Franqui

  • Jeff Valerio

  • Gemma Toth

  • Cie

  • Florence

  • Erdem Yoruk

  • Vanessa Ferguson

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