05/30/2012 02:22 pm ET

Chizakaya's Harold Jurado On Chat Chow TV: Bringing Low-Key Japanese Dining To His Hometown

A chef as experienced as Harold Jurado could have opened his Japanese eatery anywhere--but after working with acclaimed chefs at Japonais in New York and Charlie Trotter's in Las Vegas, he decided to base Chizakaya where he was born and raised, in Chicago.

"Since I'm from Chicago, I knew that my first restaurant especially, since my heart's in Chicago, that had to be a part of it," Jurado told Chat Chow.

Chizakaya serves up Izakaya-focused Japanese dishes with Asian influences and has an extensive drink menu, including 25 different sakes and a number of unique cocktails.

Watch above as Jurado discusses Japanese cocktails, cuisines, and what "Chizakaya" really means.

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