05/30/2012 06:48 pm ET

'Dark Knight Rises' Sausage Trailer: Yep (VIDEO)

"The Dark Knight Rises" trailer has already been redone with LEGOs, so why not sausages? That's the apparent impetus behind the new video from Sausage Party Presents, which casts pork products as Batman, Bane and Catwoman.

"The Dark Knight Rises" trailer parodied in sausage is the first trailer -- the one that begins with a young boy singing the National Anthem -- and not the more ambitious recent trailer, which featured two Gotham City bridges exploding during a terrorist attack.

Kudos to Sausage Party Presents for making the villainous Bane look so delicious -- though if you were hoping hot-dog Bane would be more intelligible than Tom Hardy's Bane, you're out of luck.

Watch the trailer above. The original "Dark Knight Rises" teaser is below.

[via @ErikDavis]

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