Need a quick getaway... and a permanent vacation from your spouse?

At Divorce Hotel in the Netherlands, unhappy married couples check into separate rooms, then spend the weekend meeting with lawyers, mediators and divorce specialists, WPIX-TV reports. They are presented with divorce papers when they check out.

Now, the Dutch entrepreneur behind the hotel hopes to bring his concept to U.S, the local news station reports.

Though it's just an idea stateside, seventeen couples have checked into the hotel's location in the Netherlands, with all but one completing the divorce process. The packages cost couples $2,500 to $10,000, depending on complexities of their financial arrangements and whether or not they have children.

“People are very interested because what we’re doing is so unique,” Divorce Hotel founder Jim Halfens told ABC News Tuesday. “At first, you’re very angry with each other but there’s one moment when you say, ‘Let’s do this in a positive way.’ That’s when you come to us and we’ll do it fast.”

Halfens isn't the only one cashing in on the divorce process. Last month, Mexican law firm Abogados Postulantes en Sociedad introduced its Libera Pass divorce gift card, which can be purchased at the grocery store and gifted to friends in bad marriages.

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The Heartbreak Hotel Agency
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Thought that the Heartbreak Hotel only existed in Elvis Presley songs? Think again. The Heartbreak Hotels, located in Holland and Belgium, take care of the logistical hassles of divorce so you don't have to. During their stay, separating husbands and wives are provided with a team of financial consultants, lawyers, and psychologists who handle all the paperwork necessary to file the divorce, while the soon-to-be exes relax. According to Jim Halfens, the Dutch entrepreneur behind the venture, "The idea is to give couples an opportunity to go their separate ways in peace and without acrimony. Both have to be firmly committed to the idea of divorce." Check in married, check out legally split!
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