05/30/2012 05:27 pm ET

Kya Hobdy, 7-Year-Old Girl, Kicked Off School Bus, Left Alone In Unfamiliar Neighborhood (VIDEO)

Amber Hobdy, a mother from Eagle Mountain, Utah, is outraged after her 7-year-daughter Kya was allegedly kicked off a school bus in an unfamiliar neighborhood and forced to find her way home, KSN reports.

According to Hobdy, her daughter usually walks home from Hidden Hollow Elementary School, but was taking the bus to visit a friend's house after school. Then, the mother told KSN, the bus driver recognized Kya didn't usually ride the bus and told her to get off.

"It was terrifying for her," Hobdy told the station. "It was in a neighborhood my daughter's never been in."

"Safety is top priority in our district and obviously this is not acceptable," Alpine School District spokeswoman Rhonda Bromley told the Daily Herald. "The student should have been driven back to the school and turned over to an administrator."

The bus driver has been put on paid leave pending an investigation into the incident, according to the paper. Luckily, Kya had her cell phone on her and was able to call her mom and walk to a nearby church.

"Never should a child just be put off on the side of the road," Bromley told the Deseret News. "When things like this happen, we will investigate. We will take appropriate personnel action to make sure this does not happen again."