This month, BOFFO Show House is showcasing installations of art, furniture and decor in an attempt to redefine the possibilities of the interior space. Housed in The Madison Jackson building in the Lower East Side, the show brings together artists, architects, designers, product manufacturers and galleries who jointly assembled four unique, bi-level apartment spaces under the themes of Nature, Future, Play and Work. The collaborative works in each space of the show house are essentially experiments in living, pressing the boundaries of contemporary arrangement.

Nature Room

Peering into the Nature apartment, the space looks more like the entrance to a forest. Furry furniture and wooden benches sit amidst photographs of eerie landscapes. As you move into the individuals rooms within the space, you wander from woodlands all the way to an underwater scene with coral sculptures and stone furniture. The deep earthy tones of the Nature unit sit in direct contrast to the splashes of neon color and monochrome patterns of the Future apartment, which is equipped with digital artwork and Swarovski chandeliers. The main Future space features four-dimensional hyperspace projections underneath 17 ft. ceilings, and the bedroom is almost entirely virtual, perhaps poking fun at the suggestion that sleep will not be necessary in some future reality.

Future Room

The last two apartments -- Work and Play -- also represent opposite imaginations, despite many companies' efforts to combine the two. Visitors moving through Play can ascend a rubberband stairwell installation, be mesmerized by floating balloon lights, and contemplate whether or not to step on the swirling slime floor. The upper floor appears as though its a teenager's mall punk bedroom, complete with a heavy metal t-shirt bed spread and anime murals. Walking into Work on the other hand is like setting foot in a real-life Tetris game. Sharp edges and a green and metallic color scheme betray the conventional office space constellation, yet evoke images of a calm-yet-industrial metropolis.

From start to finish, BOFFO Show House is an intense tour of alternative interior arrangements that celebrate innovative designers. This is the first year that the non-profit BOFFO is hosting the show house, curated by New York based designer Andrew Yes.

BOFFO Show House opened on May 15th and will be on display at the The Madison Jackson until June 4th.

Check out the unconventional stylings of the show house in the slideshow below.

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  • BOFFO Show House 2012

    <strong>Play Room:</strong> Studio Vondom BUBBLES light, Tom Fruin MAXIKIOSCO house, [Inside glass house: Mario Bellini (Cassina) La Rotunda table, Marcel Wanders (Cappellini) New Antiques chair, Francois Azambourg (Cappellini) Mr.B chair, Jesse Trentadue Timbre Chairs, Ovando: Floral Design and Event Production candle], UM Project UMO2 ottoman, Eli Elysee 'Hyphenated-shelf', Mathias Hahn (Marset) Scantling by S table lamp, Snarkitecture Cast Lights, Antonio Pio Saracino (Bosi Contemporary) Clover Chair, UM Project FWD Credenza and L.U.M. copper lamp, Klaus Kempenaars grazfleck throw, ROLU 'A Set for Making Love', Karim Rashid (Vondom) Doux table, Ben Jones (Johnson Trading Gallery) ladders, Andrew Yes Slime Runner.

  • BOFFO Show House 2012

    <strong>Work Room:</strong> USM Modular Furniture Installation designed by Ghiora Aharoni Design Studio, green-upholstered Tate chair by Cappellini, 'Metropolis' by Lladró, Ghiora Aharoni Design Studio 'Redux Series (Hermes), Ovando: Floral Design and Event Production candle, Gregory Sparks 'Knot 12', Ilmari Tapiovaara (Artek, Usa) Mademoiselle Lounge Chair, Charles Broderson 'Nocturnal Forest', Joe Robbins Peg and Plank table, Tracey Langfitt 'Comic Books', Alexa Hoyer 'Sidewalk Dome', Architectural Systems Ornamental Surface reflective flooring.

  • BOFFO Show House

    <strong>Future Room:</strong> Relative Space flooring, Creation Bauman Eluis throw, Ramon Esteve (Vondom) Faz Sofa, chaise lounge, armchair, Estiluz Testa Floor Lamp, William Lee 'Slice', Lladró Guest Collection designed by Jamie Hayon, Tim Biskup, & Devilrobots, Andrew Yes Galactic pillow balls, Piero Lissoni (Cassina) Mex Table, Ovando: Floral Design and Event Production candle, Dinosaur Designs tableware, Paula Hays Crystal Terrariums, Stark Carpet rug, Tom Fruin Neon Fire Place, Thomas Heatherwick (Haunch of Venison) bench 'Billet 3, Extrusion 4', Jamie Hayon (Lladró) Conversation Vase I & II, Antonio Pio Saracino (Bosi Contemporary) Ray Sofa, Aranda/Lasch (Johnson Trading Gallery) Modern Primitives, Andrew Yes Fossil Table, Eduardo Garza 24K gold-plated Sabor-Toothed Tiger Skull, Dinosaur Design tableware, LMNOQ 'SHKR SHKR' by Laz Ojalde, Bec Brittain SHY01, Stefan Hengst NY Trash Series No. 1, TJ O'Keefe Chair IV, Max Lamb (Johnson Trading Gallery) black rubber Poly sofa.

  • <strong>Future Room:</strong> Stefan Hengst NY Trash Series No.1, Max Lamb (Johnson Trading Gallery) black rubber Poly sofa, Andrew Yes Galactic pillow balls, Estiluz Black Poulpe lamp, Relative Space flooring.

  • BOFFO Show House 2012

    <strong>Nature Room:</strong> Pablo Piatti 'Tropical Birds' wallpaper mural (Tres Tintas Barcelona), Max Lamb (Johnson Trading Gallery) chair and stool, Patricia Urquiola (GAN) 'Mangas Pouff', Christopher Kurtz 'Hollow Leg Milking Stool', Ricky Clifton (Johnson Trading Gallery) Barrel Club Chair, Ovando: Floral Design and Event Production Hanging Trees, Alex Gil (Spacecutter) 'Monolith' dining table, ceramics by Melissa Gamwell and Natalia Criado, Christopher Kurtz (Hedge Gallery) 'Tufted' bench, Mark Talbot 'Tile Fungus', Andrew Yes Tapestry pillow ball with Maharam deconstructed rose fabric, Azadeh Shladovsky 'Diva Stool', Michele Oka Doner (Studio Printworks) Telescopic wallpaper, Robert Lobe Mirror (unstairs).

  • BOFFO Show House 2012

    <strong>Nature Room: </strong>Relative Space flooring, Michele Oka Doner (Studio Printworks) Telescopic wallpaper, Robert Lobe Mirror, Patricia Urquiola (GAN) Mangas Pouff and Mangas Rectangular, Andrew Yes Tapestry pillow ball with Maharam deconstructed rose fabric, Jaime Hayon (Mondo Collection) Beetley Bridge chair, Pelle Bubble Chandelier X-Tall, Patricia Urquiola (GAN) Mangas Farol, Andrew Yes Frenh linen striped pillow balls, Debra Folz Design 'Lynette' stool

  • BOFFO Show House 2012

    <strong>Andrew Yes</strong>, honorary designer of BOFFO Show House 2012, Andrew Yes Tapestry pillow ball with Maharam deconstructed rose fabric, Andrew Yes and Eduardo Garza Underwater Coral series, Eduardo Garza 24K gold-plated Philosopher's Skull, Max Lamb (Johnson Trading Gallery) copper chair, Ovando: Floral Design and Event Production Hanging Tree

  • BOFFO Show House 2012

    'Cloud', an interactive lighting display, custom-designed by Focus Lighting.

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