With summer in full swing and beach weather officially here, sand castle season is officially upon us. But before you head to the beach to get started, you might want to get some inspiration from a few sand castle pros. These people clearly spent hours, if not days, crafting these beautiful and amazing sand castles, and the level of detail is just plain mind-blowing.

Check out some absolutely incredible sand castles below, and don't forget to vote for your favorite!

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  • Landscaping

    Just as impressive as the castle is what surrounds it.

  • Dockside Castle

    Anchor up right next to your sand castle.

  • The Cliff

    Check out the exposed brick. Pretty amazing.

  • Sand Shrubs

    Extra credit for including a sand forest.

  • Picturesque

    Sand sculptures around the castle can really bring the whole thing together.

  • Triple Castle

    This must have taken forever to do.

  • Picturesque

    Must be a pretty nice view from the top.

  • Alligator's Castle

    No castle is safe without an alligator to guard it.

  • Size Up

    For those who like their sand castles to tower over them.

  • The Tiny Details

    A sand castle doesn't have to be big to be amazing.

  • On The Rocks

    Pretty sweet winding path through the castle.

  • Puss In Boots Castle

    Yes, that is Antonio Banderas standing in front of the sand castle.

  • Sand Tower

    Full scale version coming soon to a number of metropolitan cities.

  • All In The Detail


  • Sand Architecture

    Getting fancy with the architectural design with this one.

  • Majestic

    Fit for a king.

  • Street Sand Castle

    On the streets of New York City.

  • Sand Fort

    A small child could probably actually live in this one.

  • The Sand Village

    Pretty sure that castle is right next to a sand village.

  • Good Luck Getting Through

    That's a pretty heavy-duty sand door.

  • Watch Out For The Rocks

    Very realistic. Well done.

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