06/01/2012 01:37 am ET

Charles Barkley Voted Favorite Announcer By NBA Players

Although he is never shy about criticizing them, current NBA players apparently love hearing Charles Barkley wax poetic and preposterous on television as much as we do. Sports Illustrated recently asked 124 players to choose their favorite announcer, and even though the Chuckster doesn't technically fit in that category (being a TNT studio analyst), his name was the most common answer.

Putting aside the fact that he rarely actually announces a game, there is no doubting that Barkley's voice is heard. He calls out players. He calls out fans. He even calls out politicians. Basically, he tells it like (he thinks) it is.

Of course, Barkley's status amongst the players is likely helped by the fact that he's a Hall of Famer who, despite his previous protestations, is a role model for many in the league.

Perhaps more surprising is the possibility that some players don't get psyched to hear longtime announcer Marv Albert deliver his signature "Yes!" after a made bucket. Maybe that's because most players have spent their lives in the game rather than listening to voices like Marv's call them.

Either way, in honor of Barkley's new honor, here are some fantastic Barkley moments from TNT's "Inside the NBA."

10 HILARIOUS Charles Barkley Broadcasting Moments