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Jon Stewart Mocks Donald Trump's Birther Conspiracy Claims (VIDEO)

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With Mitt Romney and Barack Obama locked in as the candidates to beat this upcoming election, things are looking pretty bland in terms of comedy material. In fact, on Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart went so far as to say, "This election's gonna suck!"

But luckily, things have taken a turn for the absurd these last few weeks. The comedy gods must be on our side, because they've delivered Donald Trump to take Herman Cain's too-long empty seat at the irrelevant-and-not-politically-qualified-but-somehow-people-are-still-paying-attention-to-him table.

In what can only be interpreted as a misguided, vaguely-racist publicity move, Trump has decided to re-ignite the conversation about whether or not the President was born in the United States.

The Obama camp has expressed concern that Romney would choose to campaign with a Birther, but Trump's defense has been that he himself doesn't have a stance on the issue. He's just heard "a lot of people" who "have doubts" about the whole thing.

Very official stuff.

When asked by Wolf Blitzer to provide a single relevant name to substantiate why a Birther agenda is still relevant in 2012, long after the President provided his birth certificate for the public to see, Trump replied that he, "Doesn't name names."

Jon Stewart joked:

Listen, I don't give names, I can't. If you look at my possessions, the only name I know is Trump. I use it like the Smurfs use Smurf, so don't Trump me, Blitzer. Or I'll shove my Trump so far up your Trump your head'll Trump.

Will Trump working himself into a lather have much of an effect on the Obama campaign? Probably not. But will it provide people with something to talk about at the water cooler for a little bit? Absolutely.

Watch the full clip above and check out part two here.

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