Cats are magic. Marc Maron knows it, and we know it.

Piggy here may be no Maru, but she's still pretty special. For one thing she defies gravity. Not that that's anything new, but it never ceases to amaze us.

Check out the clip of Piggy walking on the refrigerator above and then, just for kicks, check out some fat cats getting stuck in things below. Cats = magic.

Via Viral Viral Videos

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  • Sock

    Get it off!

  • Pot

    What's in here...wait, wait...get me out!

  • Cat Flap 2

    Taking the door with him.

  • Cardboard Box

    Get off my face!

  • Cat Flap

    Is this thing regulation or what?

  • Kitty Tunnel

    I used to fit in here...did this thing shrink?

  • Sliding Door

    Got through in the end.

  • Cat Flap 3

    Just have to wiggle around a bit aaaaaaand through.

  • Step Stool

    After a variety of different escape methods, Gizmo finally escapes.