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Jim Graves Expects One-On-One Congress Race Against Michele Bachmann

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Democrat Jim Graves said he expects no third-party challengers in his race against Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District.

After filing his election paperwork Thursday, the Minneapolis hospitality magnate said he'll bring a business mindset and centrist approach to the race. He told the Minneapolis Star Tribune he doesn't expect "any significant Independence Party people" to run.

Bachmann has faced serious third-party challengers in her three past races for Congress. If Graves is correct, this election would be the first time a Democrat will run against Bachmann head-to-head.

Graves, who Twin Cities Business Magazine notes bears "a small resemblance to the actor Peter Gallagher," first made his fortune in hospitality, founding the motel chain AmericInn before cashing out and starting a luxury hotel line, Graves Hospitality. Mother Jones has good background on the candidate.

The filing deadline for candidates hoping to get their name on the ballot is next Tuesday.

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