It's National Donut Day, one of the most important food-related holidays of the year, next to National Grilled Cheese Day and National Canned Luncheon Meat Week.

And since nothing gets our collective motors running like pictures of food, we decided it's time for another sexy photo gallery. So feast your eyes on some of the sexiest photos of doughnuts we could find.

Go ahead, cheat on your low-carb, sugar-free diet today. We won't tell a soul.

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  • Luscious

    This doughnut is totally ready for its closeup.

  • Chocolatey

    The perfect combination of sexy and sweet.

  • Come on in

    The icing's fine.

  • Six-way

    Variety is the spice of life after all.

  • Downright naked

    And delicious

  • Beer and doughnuts

    Fantasy meal: realized.

  • This is the sexiest thing we've ever seen

    Doughnuts on cupcakes... someone is a genius.

  • No, wait, this is the sexiest thing we've ever seen

    Bacon on a doughnut... we might start crying.

  • This is just naughty

    And we like it.

  • In your face

    We're pretty sure Sir Mix-A-Lot wrote a song about this doughnut.

  • Drunken doughnuts

    We're not sure what a drunken doughnut is, but we'll have all of them.

  • Never enough

    No, you can't have too much of a good thing... especially when that good thing is a pumpkin doughnut.

  • Wow

    You know what they say about a long doughnut: it takes longer to eat it... or something like that.

  • Yes, please...

    Nothing is sexier than finally, at long last, finding a doughnut with enough sprinkles.

  • After all...

    The hole is the best part

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