It's Black Music History Month, and HuffPost Entertainment is celebrating with a revamped installment of "Spotify the News."

In this special edition, we've rounded up 10 songs (and about as many runners-up) from trailblazing or otherwise notable black musicians that speak with special authority to the biggest news stories from the past week.

What can Cypress Hill teach us about President Obama's "kill list"? What does Gnarls Barkley have to say about Donald Trump's freaky fixation on Obama's birth certificate? And how in the world are we going to link Nina Simone to Mayor Bloomberg's ban on Big Gulp soft drinks, or James Brown to the face-eating naked guy from Florida? Hover over -- and click through -- the gallery below on to find out (while listening to some great tunes)!

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  • Mike Bloomberg Tries to Ban Big Gulp Soft Drinks

    <br><strong>Song of the Story: </strong><i>"I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl," Nina Simone</i> <br><br> Having banned smoking from pretty much everywhere but the broom closet, Mayor Mike continued his crusade to save New Yorkers from themselves, moving to prohibit the sale of soft drinks larger than 16 ounces. The effort outraged pretty much everyone, from those who take a hard line on liberties to those who just want to slurp sugary liquids without fear of the morality cops. This sultry come-on by Nina Simone goes out to the latter group, while those in the former may prefer the runner-up. <br><br> <b>Runner-up:</b> <i>"Freedom," Jimi Hendrix</i>

  • Ridiculous John Edwards Trial Ends In Ridiculous Mistrial

    <br><strong>Song of the Story: </strong><i>"I Ain't Tha 1," N.W.A.</i><br><br> How <i>insane</i> is it that John Edwards came within a few thousand votes of becoming our nation's vice president? Yes, his career was on quite the trajectory until he decided to start thinking with his ding-a-ling. Hey, at least he's not guilty on all those fraud charges, thanks to Thursday's mistrial. It's impossible to hear this song and <i>not</i> imagine Edwards driving home from court in his cherry-red midlife-crisis-mobile and rapping along with Ice Cube: "You know, I'm a menace to society, and girls in biker shorts are so fly to me." #truth <br><br> <b>Runner-up:</b> <i>"If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day," Robert Johnson</i>

  • Donald Trump Flips His Wig Over Obama's Birth Certificate (Again)

    <br><strong>Song of the Story: </strong><i>"Crazy," Gnarls Barkley</i> <br><br> There were so many options for this story -- Prince's "Let's Go Crazy," Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth's "Wig Out," Cypress Hill's "Insane in the Membrane" -- but in the end, it was the opening line of this 2006 Gnarls Barkley summer jam that cinched its victory. Do you think Trump can still remember when he lost his mind? Yeah, neither do we. <br><br> <b>Runner(s)-up:</b> <i>See above.</i>

  • DOMA Ruled Unconstitutional

    <br><strong>Song of the Story: </strong><i>"Stop! In the Name of Love," The Supremes</i> <br><br> Gay marriage supporters from coast to coast celebrated on Thursday when the First U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals gave the Defense of Marriage Act the thumbs down. Yep, the Constitution doesn't like it when you pass laws discriminating against citizens. So this classic by Diana Ross is dedicated to all the legislators and officials who still don't get the message: step aside and make way for love! <br><br> <b>Runner-up:</b> <i>"Going to the Chapel," The Dixie Cups</i>

  • Obama Criticized for Overseeing Extensive "Kill List"

    <br><strong>Song of the Story: </strong><i>"How I Could Just Kill a Man," Cypress Hill</i> <br><br> Here is something a lot of liberals don't understand: how Barack Obama, who first won them over with his impassioned denunciation of the Iraq war, has turned into some kind of remote-control Terminator now that he's got access to the nuclear codes. But is it really so strange? POTUS doesn't believe in starting stupid, destructive, mind-bogglingly expensive wars, but he's not going to be shy about zapping terrorists wherever he can find them. As B. Real puts it, "Yo, punks had to pay." <br><br> <b>Runner-up:</b> <i>"Killing Floor," Howlin' Wolf</i>

  • Syrian Forces Massacre More Than 100 Civilians, Many Of Them Children

    <br><strong>Song of the Story: </strong><i>"Sorrow, Tears and Blood," Fela Kuti</i> <br><br> The Assad regime has been on the rampage for two years now, but this week's atrocity in Houla brought a new level of urgency to the question of how to stop it. Republicans whacked Obama for being soft on Syria, but the truth is, not many people on either side of the aisle have the stomach for another military intervention in the Middle East. In the meantime, expect Assad's thugs to continue stamping the nation with its "regular trademark" of sorrow, tears and blood. <br><br> <b>Runner-up:</b> <i>"A Change Is Gonna Come," Sam Cooke</i>

  • Romney Visits Solyndra Plant To Condemn Solar Policy

    <br><strong>Song of the Story: </strong><i>"Freddie Freeloader," Miles Davis</i> <br><br> Yes, Mitt Romney is still trying to make Solyndra a thing. This week, the Republican presidential candidate carted reporters to the solar manufacturer's shuttered plant in Fremont, California, to highlight what he essentially characterizes as Obama's freebies for friends policy. The message that woolly-headed Democrats want to hand the keys of the treasury over to freeloading green-energy executives must be resonating -- never mind that oil and gas companies collect <a href="">a reported $41 billion in handouts every year</a>. <br><br> <b>Runner-up:</b> <i>"You Are the Sunshine of My Life," Stevie Wonder</i>

  • Stock Market Tanks Following Brutal Jobs Report

    <br><strong>Song of the Story: </strong><i>"Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than Me)," Ray Charles</i> <br><br> Two weeks after Facebook's initial public offering fizzled, investors are hearing a giant popping sound coming from the general vicinity of the tech bubble itself. And on Friday, <a href="">another crappy jobs report caused the Dow to sink by more than 200 points</a>. Memo to overpaid social media consultants: here's hoping you put a little something away for a rainy day! <br><br> <b>Runner-up:</b> <i>"Drop," Rye Rye</i>

  • Miami Police Shoot Naked Man Found Eating Homeless Man's Face

    <br><strong>Song of the Story: </strong><i>"Get Up Offa That Thing,' James Brown</i> <br><br> Sorry, but if this genuinely horrifying story were somehow turned into a musical comedy (and, sorry, but we hope it someday is), the climax would <i>have</i> to feature this James Brown classic. When the police arrive on the scene, the reporting captain lets out a high-pitched scream -- and then the whole force breaks into song. "Get up off that thing, and shake till you feel better! Get up offa that thing, and try to relieve that pressure!" Instead of a shootout, the scene ends with a "Thriller"-style dance-off. <br><br> <b>Runner-up:</b> <i>None, we've done enough damage here.</i>

  • Swarm of Bees Escape From Parked Car in New York City

    <br><strong>Song of the Story: </strong><i>"Beez in the Trap," Nicki Minaj feat. 2 Chainz</i> <br><br> What kind of beekeeper keeps an entire hive inside a parked car in New York City? That's what <a href="">NYPD officers were asking themselves</a> after several thousand bees escaped from a parked Mercedes wagon and swarmed the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn. They eventually arrested the keeper, who was teaching a class he'd advertised on Craigslist. I like to imagine the responding officer peering through the windshield and then informing his partner, in the voice of 2 Chainz, "Ain't no keys in this doo-hickey!" <br><br> <b>Runner-up:</b> <i>"Hot in Herre," Nelly</i>

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