Chicago-based design student Kelly Pratt really likes sandwiches. She explains on her website: "To me, making a good sandwich is an art form. And when they come with a pickle it's just the best." So, Pratt has set out to make a sandwich from all 50 states. For each state, in addition to a photo of the ingredients, she includes a story about the sandwich and photos of the sandwich construction and eating process. There's everything from a song about Fluffernutters to some solid sandwich porn.

Check out some of Kelly Pratt's sandwiches below, or follow her on Twitter or Facebook to see more as they are released.

All photos used with permission.

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  • California

    Avocado. Sprouts. Tomatoes. Cucumbers. Cheese. Chive mayo spread. Toasted multigrain bread.

  • Connecticut

    Chicken Parm.

  • Illinois

    Italian Beef.

  • Massachusetts


  • Minnesota

    Fried Walleye.

  • New York


  • North Carolina

    Pulled pork.

  • Pennsylvania


  • Texas


  • Virginia

    Ham Biscuit.