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The Huffington Post  |  By Posted:  |  Updated: 06/04/12 02:04 PM ET

Chuck Norris Jumps Into Wisconsin Recall On Behalf Of Scott Walker

Chuck Norris is jumping into the Wisconsin recall battle, telling Wisconsinites to ignore President Bill Clinton and vote for Gov. Scott Walker (R).

"Wisconsin Democrats, Washington elite and insiders, and liberal special interests have joined together to fight for the recall of Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin in Tuesday's election," wrote Norris in his latest column for the site WorldNetDaily. "But last Friday, when I saw them also send in the big guns, former President Bill Clinton himself, against Gov. Walker, I knew I had to enter the ring, too."

The actor, Internet meme and conservative pundit didn't announce any plans to actually come to Wisconsin -- as Clinton did to campaign for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D), who is running against Walker -- but encouraged readers to vote for Walker on June 5. From his column:

The last thing Wisconsin and our republic needs is another tax-and-spend liberal in charge of its state. If that happens, we conservatives must also be realistic about this: If the far left can recall Gov. Walker, then it could open the floodgates to sweep the country with more of the same recalls.

That is why my wife, Gena, and I are encouraging everyone to vote for the incumbent Scott Walker for governor of Wisconsin.

If you know anyone in Wisconsin, call them today and give them reasons why they should vote for Gov. Walker. Also, please immediately post Gov. Walker’s social network pages to your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts by going to We have no time to lose.

Ronald Reagan was right, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."

More on the history of the race to recall Walker:

Wave Election Sweeps In Conservatives
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In 2010, a surge of Tea Party momentum and backlash against Democrats helped elect conservatives including Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who became the state's first Republican governor since 2002.

Walker promised to cut taxes and create 250,000 new jobs, but a deeper look into his past also showed a politician who had inflamed tensions with unions before.

The Washington Post reports on his time as Milwaukee County Executive, during which the collective bargaining rights of unions already appeared to be one of his most ambitious targets:

During his eight-year tenure in Milwaukee County, Walker never raised property taxes. He cut the county workforce by 20 percent, improved its bond rating and gave back hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own salary as part of the effort to trim spending. But he also saw his relations with local unions deteriorate.

Union leaders say Walker never negotiated in good faith and had a singular solution to every budget problem: cut. Under his watch, the county privatized public jobs, laid off workers and placed others on furlough.


Walker argued that collective bargaining was the biggest hurdle to balancing the budget and that unions had little incentive to give ground because they almost always prevailed in arbitration. He said that the cuts he proposed were intended to prevent layoffs and accused union leaders of being uninterested in compromise.

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