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Obama, Romney Camps Both Warn Of 'Calamitous' Demise Under The Other's Leadership

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WASHINGTON -- It appears the Obama and Romney campaigns agree on at least one thing: accusing your opponent of being like Europe and throwing around the word "calamity" is a winning strategy.

During a Monday campaign event in New York City, Bill Clinton praised President Barack Obama and warned that "the alternative [Mitt Romney] would be in my opinion calamitous for our country and the world," according to White House pool reports. Clinton also criticized Romney for having "adopted Europe's economic policies."

Right around the same time, Romney was holding his own campaign event, predicting the exact same thing -- literally -- if Obama keeps pushing his policies for another four years.

Americans are at a crossroads right now because "we're so close to the cliff, we're so close to economic calamity," Romney said at a fundraiser in Portland, Ore., according to pool reports. "We see what's happening in Europe and we're following them."

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