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RNC Announces Florida 'Victory' Offices To Try To Rival Obama Ground Game

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The Republican National Committee announced Monday the opening of 23 offices in Florida, attempting to counter the Obama campaign's formidable ground game in the key swing state.

The 23 "Victory Field Offices" will work with the state party and the Romney campaign to help get out the vote for the former Massachusetts governor.

The Obama reelection campaign has 27 offices in the state and about 100 paid staffers there, according to the Miami Herald.

In 2008, Obama won Florida by three points, taking it from George W. Bush, and this year Romney trounced his GOP rivals in the state's January primary.

Obama's 2008 campaign operation helped turn the state blue, but television advertising also plays a significant role in the battleground state. Super PACs have already flooded the airwaves, with conservative groups spending $7.6 million, and the Obama campaign has spent $6.9 million on TV ads, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

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RNV opens 23 'Victory' offices around Florida

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