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Scott Walker: I Won't Be Mitt Romney's Vice President

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), facing a close recall election, said he wouldn't consider being Mitt Romney's vice president Monday.

He had another idea. "On the VP side, if Mitt Romney were to ask me who would be a good pick from Wisconsin, I would say my friend Paul Ryan would be at the top of the list. He would do an exceptional job," he said to Neil Cavuto in an interview to be aired later on Fox Business Network. "I am not going through a year and a half of this to then take off. I have to fulfill my commitment to the voters of the state of Wisconsin."

Walker isn't usually listed as a vice-presidential candidate, likely because the Wisconsin governor is too polarizing for a general electorate. Romney has praised Walker, but hasn't actively campaigned against his recall.

He also said it was "interesting" that President Barack Obama had not made an appearance before the recall election. "For all the hype. It’s kind of confusing for all the voters here. It’s a sign there is a real concern." He added that national Democrats have backed away because "they realize there was a lot of misguided anger." Former President Bill Clinton did rally for his opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Friday.

Walker is narrowly favored to win Tuesday's recall, but polls remain extremely close between himself and Barrett, whom he defeated in 2010.

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