06/05/2012 05:17 pm ET Updated Jun 05, 2012

Eaton Canyon Waterfall: Young Woman Airlifted Out Of Eaton Canyon After 100-Foot Fall

A 25-year-old Pasadena woman was airlifted out of Eaton Canyon Monday after she lost her footing and fell 100 feet to the ground. She and her boyfriend, Wilder Rees, were attempting to hike down from the infamous second Eaton Canyon waterfall. Her name has not been released by authorities.

"We heard there was a second waterfall a little bit higher up," Rees said to CBS2. "The trail isn't really distinct -- and we went the wrong way." She then slid 75 feet down the face of the ledge and went into a free fall for the remaining 25 feet, reports CBS2.

Hikers consistently try to reach the second waterfall - blatantly ignoring danger warnings and pleas from the County Parks and Recreation Department, the Sheriff's Department, the Pasadena and County fire departments and the Forest Service.

"The truth is there is no safe trail to the second waterfall," says Dep. Jeff Moran in a public service announcement released earlier this year. "Too many people have died trying to hike the crumbling mountainside," agreed Lt. Roosevelt Johnson.

Officials stated that there have been at least 60 rescues in the last year alone, more than half of which included injury, reports Patch. Two hikers have died. John Jutiyasantayanon fell near the waterfall and was pronounced dead on the scene in August 2011, less than a month after a different hiker died doing the same thing.

The young woman from Monday's accident suffered moderate injuries from her fall.