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Honey Badger Frozen Yogurt: Red Mango Releases Flavor Based On Viral Video

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Twitter: RedMango
Twitter: RedMango

Honey Badger don't care that Red Mango has just released a new frozen yogurt named after him, but we're guessing some of the 45 million people who have watched the famous viral video probably do.

The froyo chain is promoting the new, limited-time-only flavor (which is actually just nonfat frozen yogurt and honey, no actual honey badgers involved) through social media only -- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. In-store promotions, in true honey badger-style, read "Try it…or not. We don't care."

It's a clever campaign, even if the honey badger's 15 minutes peaked over a year ago. "We wanted to show the true power and influence of our social media audience by speaking directly to them with our brand new flavor, and letting them decide where to take the message," said Dan Kim, founder of Red Mango, in a release. "The reaction has been huge and, once again, it shows the reach that consumers have to share the love."

Stay tuned for the taste test tomorrow. In the meantime, here's the honey badger:

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