Just like his pal Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert used his Wednesday night program to react to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker winning his own recall election against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Walker, who came under fire from Wisconsin Democrats for eliminating collective bargaining rights for teachers' unions, was able to defeat Barrett in a historic victory which pundits are saying will have an impact on the 2012 Presidential race.

But Colbert was mostly just excited that his boy had won:

"Suck it, people who educate our children!"

However, Colbert did take note of what Fox News was saying about Walker's win, mostly the intricate Margaret Thatcher analogies and the simple declaration by one pundit that unions are now "obsolete." Again, Colbert celebrated, flashing a big "WE DID IT!" chyron upon hearing about the end of unions.

The thing is, he also forgot how many union members work on "The Colbert Report."

Watch the segment above.

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