06/08/2012 12:32 am ET | Updated Jun 08, 2012

LeBron James Gets Drink Spilled On Him After Heat Blow Out Celtics (VIDEO)

LeBron James played Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals like a video game for which he had the cheat codes (he had 30 points at halftime). Not surprisingly, his historic performance didn't go over so well with the Boston fans.

As the three-time MVP walked off the court after dropping 45 and 15 on the Celtics in a 98-79 win, he was showered with what seemed to be someone's drink. James stopped to look around for a second after getting sprayed while a member of the Heat staff looked noticeably upset. Seemingly unbothered, LeBron kept walking.

Did a Celtics fan throw a drink on James as left the court? It sure looked like it.

What did you expect? A "Good job, good effort"?


2012 NBA Eastern Conference Finals - Game Six