A prominent University of Georgia professor has been arrested and charged with allegedly prostituting himself for $60 and for allegedly running a prostitution house, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Max Reinhart, a 65-year-old professor of Germanic and Slavic studies, allegedly posed as a woman named "Sasha" in the transexual escort services section of Backpage.com, a well-known classifieds website targeted by activists and law enforcement alike for its featured advertisements.

The ad for transexual services was found by Gwinnett County police detectives, police say, who arranged to meet him at the Guest House Inn near Norcross. Reinhart was in the room when they arrived, police spokesman Cpl. Jake Smith told AJC.

Police officers escorted Reinhart to Gwinnett County jail, WSB rado reported. According to MSNBC, jail records show that Reinhart was released after posting a $4,800 bail.

Reinhart serves as the A.G. Steer Professor in Goethe Studies in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies at the University of Georgia, according to the UGA website. The courses he teaches include The Age of Reformation and Early Modern German Literature. He has recently published a paper entitled "The Poetry of Islam in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Empathy — Imagination — Understanding" and is listed as the co-organizer of an international conference called "Reparative Reasoning: Bridging the East/West Divide in the Philosophy and Poetry of Muhammad Iqbal" to be held in October at UGA.

Max Reinhart is not the only professor to be arrested recently.

In March, Wheaton College professor Donald Ratcliff was arrested for allegedly possessing child pornography and two unlicensed handguns, the Christian Post reported. Ratcliff was charged with two counts of Aggravated Child Pornography and was placed on administrative leave. He taught Christian education and child spirituality.

In late spring, Mey Akashah, an instructor at the Harvard School of Public Health, was arrested in Bermuda allegedly trying to illegally smuggle six grams of marijuana in her underwear. According to the Associated Press, she was discovered at the airport by drug-sniffing dogs. On April 30, Akashah pleaded guilty to the crime, the Harvard Crimson reported.

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