Wedding movies would have you believe that women become one of six (usually horrible) types of brides after accepting that big, sparkly diamond ring.

Click through the slideshow below to see the six stereotypical brides and let us know: Have you ever encountered these characters in real life?

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  • The Bridezilla

    She wants it all, and she wants it now. The Bridezilla has no regard for her bridesmaids, the Maid of Honor, her mother and certainly not the groom. Liable to cry, scream or yell at any moment, this is one demanding, overreacting bride. Strangely enough, she was once a sweet girl -- but somehow putting a ring on it changed all of that. Now she's the one in charge, and if you don't put every little detail of her Big Day first, you're bound to get a (shrieking) earful. Bonus: she'll go to whatever means necessary to get what she wants. A real charmer!

  • The Princess

    You'll never have to tell The Princess that it's <em>her</em> Big Day. Believe us, she already knows. This bride really, truly believes that everything about the wedding should be about her -- so screw what the groom wants, right? She constantly craves being the center of attention and habitually forgets that weddings, well, cost money. The Princess is most likely to plan out completely elaborate, over-the-top, fantastical details that everyone else will find gaudy.

  • The DIY Bride

    Step aside, wedding planners, because The DIY bride has it all covered. This bride is absolutely determined to make EVERYTHING herself (or find it second-hand, at the very least). Sure, it may sound great, but wait until she asks you to help her glue 200 paper doilies onto handmade escort cards.

  • The Extreme Green Bride

    This bride cares about the environment so much that she's let it take over her wedding day plans. We're OK with everything being green, green, green -- from the food (all locally-grown and sourced), to the dress (all natural materials, please), down to the wrapping on her bridesmaids' sustainable gifts -- but some brides just take it too far. Banning guests who refuse to ride bikes to your wedding? Making favors out of recycled bridal magazines? No thank you.

  • The Tech-Obsessed Bride

    Ah, yes. The tech-obsessed bride. Let's be honest, this bride started tweeting, texting and Facebooking since the moment she said "Yes" to the proposal -- and will probably do the same (except with live-streaming video of her Big Day and <a href="" target="_hplink">guests attending via Skype </a>on iPads) as she's walking down the aisle. She'll be the first one to have Facebook photos up -- before the ceremony's even over -- and will hound guests to "Check In" at her wedding. And of all these stereotypical brides, she's most likely to have a pocket on her wedding dress (where else will she put her smartphone?)

  • The Anti-Bride

    The anti-bride loves to hate everything traditional about weddings. She wants her Big Day (wait, she also hates that term) to be out the box and fiercely unique, and will do everything in her power to make sure it doesn't end up being like one of the weddings you see in a magazine.