It's every news reporter's worst nightmare (aside from accidentally cursing on air). You're delivering the news and concentrating on your non-regional diction, when all of a sudden something random sparks a belly laugh and before you know it, you're doubling over just trying to get to the next segment.

This sort of thing happens to the best of them (Anderson Cooper, we're looking at you, bud), and when it does, thankfully YouTube is right there to catalogue it forever so we can all join in on the laughter. Check out our collection of reporters completely losing it on live television and uncontrollably cracking up while trying to deliver the news. Don't forget to vote on the funniest clip!

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  • Anderson Cooper

    Anderson loses it when talking about "Dyngus Day."

  • Bad Start

    Apparently a joke during the commercial break started this.

  • Letterman Keeps Them Laughing

    Mika Brzenzinski can't stop laughing after watching a bit from "The Late Show With David Letterman."

  • Trying So Hard

    British journalist Richard Whiteley isn't immune to sporadic laughing fits.

  • Diversify Her Portfolio

    Those three words were hilarious to this laughing news anchor.

  • Bad Timing

    It's generally not a good idea to have a laughing fit when discussing a story like this one.

  • Laughing Crescendo

    He tries to hold the laughter in, but it gets out in the end.

  • Anderson Cooper (Again)

    Poor Anderson can't hold in his laughter when discussing Gerard Depardieu's public urination story.

  • German Laughing Fit

    Germans are not immune to laughing fits.

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