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David Axelrod: Voters Will Judge Obama On Actions, Not 'Doing Fine' Line

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WASHINGTON -- Senior political adviser David Axelrod says he doesn't think voters will make much of President Barack Obama's remark that the private sector is doing fine.

Axelrod tells CBS's "This Morning" that what Obama meant to say was, quote, "in the last 27 months, we have created 4.3 million private sector jobs." Obama made the remark at a White House news conference, but subsequently explained it further, saying the economy needs to improve.

In his interview Monday, Axelrod said voters will make their judgments based on Obama's actions, not his words.

And he said Obama called the news conference last Thursday specifically to discuss "urgent actions we should take to undergird the economy."

Axelrod said the election will be about who is best suited to lead the country into the future.

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