06/11/2012 05:43 pm ET

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Portrait: Artist Hong Yi Creates Face Out Of Books (VIDEO)

A Shanghai-based artist has created a pun-filled portrait of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg out of stacked books.

A time-lapse YouTube clip shows Hong Yi, also known as Red, building a tower of 36 books over the course of seven days that eventually resembles Zuckerberg's face.

Unfortunately, the tower of Zuckerberg stands for only a moment before collapsing.

While Red's projects usually portray famous Chinese icons, she chose to profile Zuckerberg in memory of a recent trip to the U.S., she explains in a recent blog entry.

Can't get enough impressive book art? Check out Guy Laramee's book sculptures or Carl Pappenheim's spineless classics.


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