A "Guinness World Records" movie is in the works, according to The Guardian. No details are yet forthcoming, but how hard can it be to turn a reference book into a heartwarming movie for all the family?

Not hard at all, that’s how hard. And so, not only have I written up the perfect pitch for this movie, but I’ve also adapted eight other classic reference books into solid gold Hollywood pitches.

Brothers Warner, Mr Paramount, I await your call.

Roget's Thesaurus
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The Pitch: Spellbound meets Se7en

Tagline: "Choose your words carefully."

The story: In this gruesome thriller, female French detective Roget (played by Bérénice Bejo from The Artist) goes on holiday to New York, where she encounters a series of gruesome murders being carried out on copy editors. She soon discovers that the methods follow precisely the order of entries under the word "kill" in the Thesaurus.

After several false alarms, the killer is revealed to be near-identical twin librarians (both played by Ryan Gosling) who lost their jobs at a newspaper for confusing "antonym" with "synonym", and have been wreaking revenge ever since. The gripping denouement takes place in a factory that makes magnetic poetry.
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