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Lena Dunham Talks Nepotism On 'Girls' With Allison Williams Being Brian Williams' Daughter

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"Girls" star and creator Lena Dunham may have addressed the race issue on the show delicately, but she's not taking as kindly to the nepotism backlash.

In a recent interview with The B.S. Report's Bill Simmons, Dunham admitted she thinks the idea that the stars of "Girls" were made famous by their well-known parents -- which Gawker mocks on a weekly basis -- is a little ridiculous.

"The whole nepotism storyline ... I get it more with Allison [Williams] and Zosia [Mamet] who have dads who are kind of active in the entertainment industry," she said. "But I really did want to challenge all the people crying nepotism to actually tell me who either of my parents were, because it's the contemporary art world! Okay, I'm Laurie Simmons' daughter. In one sentence, give me the concentrated version of her Wikipedia entry. You cannot! She's had a lovely career, but she's a feminist photographer from downtown New York."

As for hiring NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams' daughter Allison, who plays Marnie on the series, Dunham assures viewers that the decision was as far from intentional as possible.

"In my house, growing up, we only watched Charlie Rose and weird PBS forms of news. I'm a Brian Williams fan, but I really didn't know who he was," she continued. "Until I met him, I was picturing who I believed to be Peter Jennings ... my knowledge of newscasters and picking them out of a lineup [is poor]."

The season finale of "Girls" airs on Sunday, June 17 on at 10:30 p.m. ET on HBO.

To hear Simmons' full interview with Dunham, click over to iTunes.

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