Madeon 'Pop Culture' Dance Video By Whitman High School Students Goes Viral (WATCH)

06/12/2012 04:40 pm ET

Walt Whitman High School in New York is the latest educational institution to join the viral video hall of fame -- and, unofficially, become the coolest school ever -- with an unbelievable new dance video set to Madeon's electro hit "Pop Culture."

Jackson H., an awkward yet awesome Whitman student, is the star of one of last weekend's most-watched viral videos. And trust us, you won't want to miss seeing him and fellow student Alyssa S. let loose all over the school -- from classrooms to hallways to football-stadium bleachers -- with some pretty impressive Footloose-esque moves.

Check out the unbelievably awesome video above, and head over to Patch.com for the full story.

As one commenter summed it up: "So this pretty much makes me sad that my school wasn't half as awesome as this."

Has a super-amazing viral video or lip dub ever come out of your high school? We want to see it! Tell us in the comments below or tweet us a link @HuffPostTeen!

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