06/12/2012 07:39 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Working Women Who Inspire Us With Their Style (PHOTOS)

Last week Republican senators shot down the Paycheck Fairness Act (thanks guys!), a move which would have required employers to prove that any disparities in pay amongst equal-level employees were not based on gender. According to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, there's still a possibility that the bill will see a new day, but for now we'll have to wait.

But all's not lost ladies: We're taking the opportunity to showcase some pretty awesome working women from TV and film, whose on-screen personas have been fighting the good fight for decades now. And as Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski so eloquently put it following the vote: "Put on your lipstick! Square your shoulders! Suit up and let's fight for a new American revolution where women are paid for equal work! Let's end wage discrimination in this century once and for all."

Yeah, what she said. From Kirstie Alley's bar-managing Rebecca Howe to Dolly Parton's determined heroine in "9 to 5," here's our nod to hard-working women everywhere. We'll get ours soon enough!

And should you need, here's a refresher on what exactly "business casual" means. Want more? Be sure to check out Stylelist on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Our Tribute To Working Girls

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