With a starring role in 2011's record-breaking movie "Fast Five," and a lead role in TNT's "Dallas," which premiered last night, actress Jordana Brewster is in big demand in Hollywood. But that doesn't mean the beautiful Brazilian actress—who married movie producer Andrew Form in 2007—is too busy to think about starting a family.

The sweet actress also spoke to The Huffington Post about motherhood, her Brazilian roots, and why "Dallas" is must-see TV. Check out our interview with Brewster below!

Tell us about your Brazilian roots?
My mom is Brazilian and I lived in Brazil from the age of six to 10. I consider it a huge part of myself, because those were formative years growing up. And as a kid, it was funny, because when I came to New York at the age of 10, I always felt very Brazilian, and then in Brazil, I always felt very American—so I always felt a little bit out of place. {Laughs}.

When you moved to the U.S., was it hard for you to assimilate to the culture?
It was. Especially because Brazilian culture is so different. Everyone's so open and warm. I remember one of the huge differences was that I would talk to my mom everyday—talk to her on the phone everyday—even when I got to college. My friends were like, 'what are you doing?' And I was like, 'what, you guys don't do the same thing?!' And then the other huge difference—from going from Brazil to an all girls Catholic school in New York—was our lunches were completely different! My mom would pack this pasta with a side of apricots and rice with beans. There was no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ever! I remember being embarrassed, but now looking back I'm like, 'well, actually that was like really, really healthy!' {Laughs}.

And it really makes you unqiue. It makes you interesting.

Let's talk about "Dallas," is it fair to call the show a reboot?
No, it’s not a reboot. It’s a continuation. So it's kind of like everyone turned off their television sets 20 years ago and now, they turned it back on and the family’s still going. Linda Grey, Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman are all back and this is the story of their generation interacting with the next generation, which consists of their sons, John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Christopher Ewing (Jesse Metcalfe).

Tell us about your character, Elena.
I play the cook's daughter who grew up with both boys and is also in a relationship with John Ross Ewing. She wants to drill for oil on Southfork and is sort of struggling with that because she's also very loyal to the Ewings, especially to Bobby Ewing. She loves Southfork and yet she wants to drill for oil on it, so she's very conflicted.

What is she like personally?
I would say she’s a deeply loyal, deeply moral person and yet she's also very ambitious. She's very confused in terms of where her loyalty lies where the boys are involved because she loves them both. She's ambitious and smart and she's a geologist.

Is your character on the show Latina?

She is. She’s from Mexico.

When "Dallas" was originally on the air, the show didn't have great pars for Latina actresses. Is that something that you and your co-star (Argentinean actress Julie Gonzalo) were aware of when you joined the show?
It is something we're aware of. We want to visit Argentina and visit Brazil and promote the show. We're very proud of where we came from!

We loved you in the sci-fi movie "The Faculty!" Is that something you still get compliments about all of the time?
I get "The Faculty," and I get "DEBS." It's awesome! {Laughs}.

The photos of your dogs on WhoSay are adorable! They seem like they're your kids...Do you have any plans to start a family?
My dogs are my babies for the time being, but I do plan on having babies. That’s definitely something that I plan on in the future!


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