There's a new mom on Pinterest. The social networking site, which has had huge success attracting women, welcomed First Lady Michelle Obama to its ranks of pinners this morning. Three boards were created by the Obama campaign on her behalf -- "Around the White House," "Great memories" and a timely "Father's Day." Pins from the First Lady herself are signed "-mo."

It's certainly a competitive landscape on Pinterest, where quirky and pretty ideas for Father's Day crafts, cards and gifts keep popping up. But we have a feeling the First Lady will do just fine with the community. Her pins include iconic shots of Barack and the girls, and even one from girlhood of her own dad, Fraser Robinson. She also added heartwarming captions about why both men are great dads. Of an office shot, the First Lady writes, "We are dad’s biggest fans, each and every day. –mo"

Take a look at a few of the photos here, then click over to Pinterest to follow Michelle Obama's boards and sign a virtual Father's Day card for the president!

As of 9 a.m. on Wednesday, the First Lady already had close to 200 followers on Pinterest but was only following one other account -- the president's.

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