Father's Day is right around the corner, and just like most people, you may still be looking for that perfect gift to get your dad. Before you finalize your purchase, though, you might want to think about what your gift is REALLY saying.

To help you make your decision, we decided to lay out some Father's Day gift ideas along with the subliminal messages that come with them. So read up to make sure you know what your gift is really saying to your pop before you buy it, and happy Father's Day!

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  • Tie

    "I bought this a few hours ago."

  • DVD Collection Of Old Westerns

    "I know you like these, but I'm not watching them with you."

  • iTunes Gift Card

    "You gave this to me last Christmas."

  • Gold Toe Socks

    "When are you retiring?"

  • A John Grisham Book

    "I just assumed all dads like John Grisham books."

  • Polo Shirt

    "Mom said you needed one of these."

  • Power Drill

    "Want to put my new desk together for me?"

  • A Netflix Account

    "I want to watch Netflix when I come home to visit."

  • Digital Camera

    "I really hope you can figure out how to use this thing on your own."

  • Mini Grill

    "Want to make burgers for dinner tonight?"

  • Bottle Of Scotch

    "Sorry about raiding your liquor cabinet in high school."

  • A New Watch

    "People your age are the only ones who still wear these things."

  • Cologne

    "You've been using the same cologne for 20 years. Here's to another 20!"

  • Hair Trimmer

    "I don't want to know how you use this."

  • Golf Clubs

    "It's time for you to embrace your old age."

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