Worry not, patriotic Americans. June 14th is here, so you can finally get started on your Flag Day celebrations. Just in case you've been slacking on your preparations and are in need of some flag-related stuff, Etsy has your covered with all the patriotic, hand-made products you could ask for. But be wary, though, because some of their products use the American flag design in less-than-flattering, totally bizarre ways.

We found just a few examples of nonsensical American flag-related products on Etsy. Check them out and don't forget to vote for the weirdest one! Happy Flag Day!

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  • Flag Growth Chart

    See how tall you are with a handy wooden American flag.

  • Flag Leggings

    Hair dye sold separately.

  • Clutch Or Makeup Purse

    It can be EITHER!

  • Flag Steering Wheel Cover

    Seems a little weird on a BMW, but ok.

  • Flag Jumpsuit

    Only $750!

  • Glue-On Nails

    Perfect for any patriotic holiday.

  • Jean Vest

    Featuring some <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/08/sideboob-on-other-things-photos_n_1578363.html" target="_hplink">sideboob</a>!

  • Flag Cake Necklace

    Just don't try to eat it.

  • Tigger Lawn Ornament

    Don't want to know what that "Winnie The Pooh" character is doing to the American flag.

  • Newborn Flag Hat

    Best to get them started on Flag Day while they're still young.

  • Flag Door Hanger With Polka Dots


  • Elf Hat

    Only for the most patriotic elves.

  • American Flag Scrabble Tile Pendant

    The most patriotic Scrabble tile pendant on the market.

  • American Flag Short Shorts

    Who wears short shorts? America wears short shorts.

  • American Flag Bikini

    Well, at least guys will remember their national pride when they check you out at the beach.

  • Wine Glasses

    No use getting drunk if you don't remember your American roots.

  • Tattered Flag Scarf

    Well if your flag is tattered, might as well make a scarf out of it.

  • American Flag "Fun Bra"

    Betsy Ross would be proud.

  • American Flag Thong

    It's satin, in case you were wondering.

  • American Flag Mini Cottage

    A beautiful tiny red, white and blue cottage thing.

  • Flag Tissue Box

    Preferably to be used with alternating red, white and blue tissues.

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