Once again, our readers' weekend adventures wowed us. Between winning swim races (congratulations!), enjoying fondue (it looked amazing) and witnessing "Top Chef" quick-fire challenges (we're jealous), you proved in the photos you submitted (see below) that you really do know how to make the most out of the weekend.

In case you forgot, the premise of #BestWeekendEver is that, as much as we look forward to the weekend (even when it's only Monday), it's also fun to look back on the amazing couple of days you just had and appreciate that time.

Check out the slideshow, and don't forget to take a snapshot of your favorite moment next weekend and send it to women@huffingtonpost.com. We'll feature it in next week's Best Weekend Ever slideshow.

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  • Jacqueline

    Babysitting my nieces and nephew(in-law) and loving it.

  • Sherri

  • Laura

    United Methodist Clergy Marching in Columbus, OH Pride Parade Today in Columbus, OH: Rev. Laura Young (Broad St. UMC/Children's Defense Fund) and Rev. Grayson Atha (Summit on 16th UMC)

  • JD

    Look at this view! It is from my rooftop where I camped out most of the weekend with friends and cocktails. Because of the excellent weather, I had such a nice and relaxing weekend.

  • Tashira

    I'm a lawyer/fashion stylist/blogger, and had a blast styling my friend's photo shoot this weekend. <a href="http://www.politicsandfashionblog.com" target="_hplink">www.politicsandfashionblog.com</a>

  • Nelda

    Sanibel Island. Big hat, big glasses, beautiful beach!

  • Jennifer

    I watched Andy Pettitte pitch against the Nationals.

  • Barbie

    Night Segway tour of San Francisco

  • Tami

    Tickling my two-year-old son on the 30-yard line at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX

  • Julie and Christine

    I hung out with my daughter in Miami. We had a grand time. This is a photo of us at a restaurant called Wynwood Kitchen. We shopped, ate, worshipped and are now watching the NBA finals.

  • Feona

    My children, Lady Clara and Sir Isaac, love playing games with me. They are very competitive. After church, we decided to play our new game, Connect 4 Launcher. I told Lady Clara I was going to beat her bad in this game. She begged to differ. The attached photos attest to the fun I had on this lovely Sunday evening with my beloved babies. Oh, but I was concentrating big time. Besides, I play to win. LOL

  • Catherine

    Spent the day at Cobourg Beach, Ontario, Canada

  • Kristin

    I celebrated Father's Day with parents and family at Bluemont Winery in Bluemont, VA. Beautiful view from the mountain to Washington, DC.

  • Carrie

    Went to the Top Chef Tour in San Francisco - watched chefs compete in quickfire challenges!!! Beautiful day at Justin Hermann Plaza for annual event which I always go to.

  • Ginny

    Had our weekly Friday night girls' night! Was especially poignant as it was the last girls' night for our gal Jess in the middle, who is moving (from Florida) to Pennsylvania.

  • Emily

    I won an open water swimming race in the East River hosted by NYC Swim.

  • Kerri and Christeen

    Baltimore Pride

  • Alex

    Bike ride around Governor's Island, NYC.

  • Serena

    Two girlfriends and I always go to dinner on Fridays. This time we chose Laurier Lounge, a restaurant downtown that was transformed from an old house. They have a burger named after Warren Buffet after he said it was awesome. But we ordered a "fondue experience," where we each started with cheese fondue. Moved on to beef and vegetables and then finally to chocolate for dessert.

  • Brittany

    I did something fun this weekend: I took my dog to the beach

  • Maria

    Many celebrations this weekend, including a nephew's graduation, Father's Day, Mom's discharge from the hospital and our reason for being: my parents' 64th Anniversary!