For most black women, finding the right hair products or perfect shade of foundation is a needle-in-a-haystack mission. But thanks to a new crop of companies, the solution could easily appear on your doorstep.

A 2009 study by Packaged Facts concluded that African-American women spend a staggering $7.5 billion a year on beauty -- largely due to trail-and-error shopping, as they attempt to find the right products for their specific skin tones and hair textures.

Now, a new wave of subscription beauty companies are perfectly positioning themselves to offer the supply for the glaring demand within the black community.

Meki Adefris, an Ethiopian American, is the woman behind My Shade of Brown, a new beauty subscription startup filling a major hole in the growing beauty-by-mail boom. Sick of her seemingly endless search for beauty products that worked for women of color, Adefris decided to mimic the model of Birchbox, the uber-popular beauty subscription company that sends subscribers a box of trial-sized samples from both established and up-and-coming beauty brands.

My Shade of Brown customers will open a box of products specific to women of color (African Americans, Asians, Southeastern Asians, Latinas and beyond).

"My needs and frustrations are very similar to other women of color and we feel they are being ignored by the industry," Adefris told Women's Wear Daily.

Supermodel Iman recently shared a similar sentiment regarding the lack of product diversity at a speech last month to beauty industry professionals and insiders.

Now more and more companies are popping up to fill the void. My Brown Box and CurlBox are two other subscription beauty companies looking out for women of color.

Owner of Better Organic Choice and Huffington Post blogger, Karim Orange asked several women of color to share their needs and thoughts regarding the emergence of social commerce, and its impact in the black beauty market. Check out the slideshow below to hear what they had to say.

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  • Simone Young

    Age</strong>: 27 <strong>Occupation</strong> Fashion Student <strong>Nationality</strong>: African, Syrian and Chinese via Jamaica. <strong>Spends monthly on beauty products</strong>: $20 <strong>Biggest beauty challenges</strong>: My hair tends to be dry and frizzes easily. I have a hard time finding puddings and moisturizers that don't leave my skin greasy. <strong> Do you think a subscription sample service for women of color would work? </strong>Yes it would cut my research time in half.

  • Bridgett Artise

    Age:</strong>41<strong> Occupation:</strong>Clothing Designer <strong> Nationality: </strong>African American <strong> Spends monthly on beauty products:</strong> $50 (on products that do not work) <strong> Biggest beauty challenge</strong>: My skin hasn't realized that I grew up, so I still sometimes suffer from adult acne, but I sometimes feel silly purchasing items such as Clearasil. I also sometimes suffer from acne scars causing hyper-pigmentation. There are so many products I never know what to buy, so I purchase the wrong ones that just sit under my sink. <strong>Do you think a subscription sample box for women of color is a good idea?</strong>Absolutely, I would love to try products before I spend a small fortune.

  • Michelle Camaeu

    <strong>Age:</strong> 27 <strong>Occupation:</strong> Makeup artist/ Manicurist <strong>Nationality:</strong> Puerto Rican and Dominican <strong>Spends monthly on beauty products</strong>: $75 <strong>Biggest beauty challenge:</strong> I have acne prone skin, and sometimes it hard to find products that don't dry my skin and make me feel like a raisin. <strong>Do you think a subscription sample box created for women of color is a good idea?</strong> Yes, It would be a great way to sample products to see which ones work.

  • Piper Carter

    <strong>Age:</strong> 40 <strong> Occupation:</strong> Fashion Photographer/Gallery Owner <strong>Nationality: </strong> African American <strong>Spends monthly on beauty products:</strong> $100 <strong>Biggest beauty challenge:</strong> Finding Products without chemicals. <strong>Do you think a subscription sample box women of color is a good idea?</strong> It depends on how much I'm paying for the subscription. I may not want to be obligated to pay a certain amount if the size of the products is super tiny or if the products offered are too hit or miss. Even if I'm not paying that much, I wouldn't want to house unused products that I feel don't work.

  • Leslie Abrew

    <strong>Age:</strong> 37 <strong> Occupation:</strong> School Administrator <strong>Nationality:</strong> Puerto Rican. <strong>Spends monthly on beauty products: </strong> Not much because I have my routine down. <strong>Biggest beauty challenge: </strong> Hair. I have had relaxed hair for 27 years. My styles vary from long to short colored to natural. Skin can be a challenge, but I set aside time for a micro facial and chose products that hydrate my skin, and even out my complexion. <strong>Do you think a subscription box specifically for women of color is a good idea?</strong> Yes and no. If you are experimenting yes, but at my age I know what works and I'm loyal so I stick with it.

  • Tyessh Harris

    <strong>Age:</strong> 40 <strong>Occupation:</strong> Product development. <strong>Nationality:</strong> African American, West Indian. <strong>Spends monthly on beauty products: </strong> Not sure, because I have to mix and match so many to find the right one. <strong>Biggest beauty challenge: </strong> Find the right moisturizers and toners for my skin. My skin is extremly sensitive, and I have to change products often. I am sensitive to the sun so I need a moisturizer with an SPF , that's not greasy and wont cause breakouts. <strong>Do you think a subscription sample box for women of color would work?</strong> Absolutely.

  • Rhonda Marie Sykes

    <strong>Age:</strong> 37 <strong>Occupation:</strong> Actress <strong>Nationality:</strong> African American/Native American <strong>Spends monthly on beauty products</strong>: $20 <strong>Biggest beauty challenge: </strong> Trying to find good products for my hair. I like to wear my hair curly so I'm always looking for a hair product that works best with curly hair and that will enhance my curls and also give them volume. I also wear my hair straight and I like to find a product that will work with using a flat iron. <strong> Do you think a subscription sample box specifically for women of color is a good idea?</strong> I wouldn't be opposed to trying a simple subscription to a sample beauty box, as long as it fits in my budget.

  • Carmen Colons

    <strong>Age:</strong> 45 <strong>Occupation:</strong> Engineer, Author, Lecturer <strong>Nationality:</strong> Puerto Rican/Colombian <strong>Spends monthly on beauty products: $50 </strong> <strong>Biggest beauty challenge:</strong> Definitely skin care. Have always had to deal with the fluctuation of dry to oily skin depending on levels of activity and nutrition. If more sedentary and high in calories then I get oily skin, if I increase my activity levels and eat proteins, I find I have drier skin. Same issue with my hair. I'm always trying new moisturizers, looking for those that weren't too greasy feeling or left me feeling as if I'd left a clay mask on too long because of the tightness. As well as the skin creams with sunscreen to help protect me from the suns rays. All I ended up getting was oily skin and outbreaks. <strong> Do you thinks subscription sample service specifically for women of color would work?</strong> I would love the opportunity to sample what's out in the market for women like myself. It would be a pleasure to have them find me after so many years searching for them!

  • Miram Ebramin

    <strong>Age</strong> 24 <strong> Nationality: </strong>Egyptian <strong> Occupation</strong>: Aspiring television producer <strong> Spends monthly on beauty products: </strong>$300 <strong> Biggest beauty challenge: </strong> Finding the right concealer for my dark circles, that doesn't cake up and look artificial. <strong>Do you think a subscription service specifically for women of color would work?</strong> Absolutely! It would help to educate, before we spend money on expensive products.

  • Monifa Coffee

    <strong>Age:</strong>31 <strong>Occupation:</strong>Makeup Artist <strong>Nationality:</strong>African American and Guyanese <strong>Spends monthly on beauty products:</strong>$100 <strong>Biggest beauty challenge:</strong> Finding a foundation shade that fits my mixed undertone. I have a dark brown complexion with a yellow undertone. <strong>Do you think a subscription sample box specifically for women of color is a good idea? </strong> Absolutely! It's like a Birchbox for sistas.

  • Tasha Mitchell

    <strong>Age:</strong> 28 <strong>Occupation:</strong>Digital Media Consultant <strong>Nationality:</strong> African American and Cuban <strong> Spends monthly on beauty products:</strong>$10 <strong>Biggest beauty challenges:</strong> I have combination skin and have yet to find a routine to settle the difference. <strong>Do you think a subscription sample box specifically for women of color is a good idea? </strong> Yes absolutely.

  • Jessica Encarnacion

    <strong> Age:</strong>24 <strong>Occupation: </strong> Student /Entrepreneur <strong>Nationality: </strong> African American and Puerto Rican <strong>Spends monthly on beauty products:</strong> $10 <strong> Biggest beauty challenge:</strong> my skin and my hair equally since I have eczema and dry curly hair. Having eczema all my life it has always been difficult to find skin products that work. I need products that aren't pumped with chemicals like the prescription eczema medication which either has temporarily worked or didn't work at all. <strong>Do you think a subscription sample box specifically for women of color is a good idea?</strong> Yes! It definitely will! Because it will save tons of money and tons of time, which we all don't have. Plus we will be able to test out new products without going to the store.

  • Seven Brown

    <strong>Age:</strong> 45 <strong>Occupation:</strong> Beauty Expert/Educator <strong>Nationality:</strong> Panamanian <strong>Spends monthly on beauty products:</strong> Not much anymore, because I have my routine down. <strong> Biggest beauty challenges: </strong> My hair because I dye it often, and its so short it can become dry. <strong>Do you think a subscription box specifically for women of color will work?</strong> Only if it comes with education so women can understand what to do with what they get.

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