06/18/2012 03:45 pm ET

'Girls' Wedding: HBO Show Ends With A Surprise Wedding for Jessa And Thomas John (VIDEO)

On Sunday, HBO's 'Girls' ended its first season with a bang: an impromptu wedding for Jessa.

The festivities began when impulsive Jessa invited her friends to a "mystery party" via text message. Little did they know, the occasion was actually Jessa's wedding ceremony to Thomas John, the middle-aged business man who, just a few episodes back, essentially begged Jessa and Marnie to have a threesome -- an occurrence that doesn't go unmentioned in his vows.

“Jessa, the first night we met, truthfully, I thought we were going to have a threesome with your friend Marnie…" says John.

The polarizing closer made a splash on Twitter, where both fans and detractors weighed in on Jessa's impromptu nuptials and the finale as a whole (check out a clip from the episode below). Click through the slideshow for reaction from the Twitterverse, then give your take on the season's ending in the comments.

'Girls' Finale Twitter Reactions

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