There's been a lot of talk about the upcoming "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" movie, not least of all because the premise sounds slightly absurd and random. But then again, why not? Abraham Lincoln killing vampires on the way to deliver the Gettysburg Address opens up a whole new world of delightfully random and/or potentially anachronistic opportunities. Why couldn't Lewis & Clark also face off with yetis? And who says Queen Elizabeth I wouldn't totally rock as a Resident Evil-inspired vampire killer?

We asked readers what random pairings of people and supernatural beings they'd like to see, and (with a little help from Photoshop) created a slideshow that depicts a couple of those match-ups and our best guesses at how it would go down.

Which movie mashups did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Queen Elizabeth I vs. Vampires

    <strong>On Facebook, Mai Vang suggested: "Queen Elizabeth I kicking the butts of vampires via Milla Jovovich Resident-Evil style!"</strong><br> <strong>Our thoughts:</strong> She's pulling off that ruff. In their own ways, Milla Jovovich and Elizabeth I were each pretty tough ladies. The fusion is working for us--if Mila's guns don't do the trick, Elizabeth could probably persuade someone to chop their heads off.

  • Eleanor Roosevelt vs. Zombies

    <strong>Jennifer Baird (@jmbaird32): @HuffPostEnt Eleanor Roosevelt as a bad ass Zombie Killer.</strong><br> <strong>Our thoughts:</strong> Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Really great minds vanquish zombies. If the gun doesn't work, she could probably make the zombies rethink their current life choices with one of her thought-provoking quotes. Either way, our money's on Mrs. FDR.

  • Gorton's Fisherman vs. Jaws

    <strong>On Facebook, Ethan Collings suggested: "The Gortons Fisherman vs. Jaws?"</strong><br> <strong>Our thoughts:</strong> Spoiler alert--it doesn't end well for Jaws. One look at those steely, bottomless, relentless Gorton Fisherman eyes tells you all you need to know about this match up. RIP Jaws...and bon appetit.

  • Shakespeare vs. Dracula

    <strong>Lisa Knox, on Facebook, suggested: "William Shakespeare versus Dracula."</strong><br> <strong>Our thoughts:</strong> Tired cliches remind us that the pen is mightier than the sword, but in this case, it kinda seems like a sword would frankly be the better option. Big fan of your work, Shakespeare, but point to Dracula.

  • Thomas Jefferson: President, Werewolf

    <strong>@guywriter suggested "@huffpostent Thomas Jefferson, Werewolf; The guy was a Founding Father, President, architect, farmer, writer - why not a werewolf, too?"</strong><br> <strong>Our thoughts:</strong> Why not indeed? Founding universities and signing embargoes by day, terrorizing an infant United States and writing pro-werewolf clauses into legislation by night? Solid.

  • Lewis and Clark and Yetis

    <strong>Our thoughts:</strong> In totally unfamiliar territory and no Sacagawea currently in sight to bail them out--advantage: Yeti.

  • Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Spin-offs!

    <strong>Submitted by Mark Douglass</strong><br>Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has inspired other famous figures of history to come forward with their amazingly unique skills and conquer evil for the good of mankind!

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