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Chicago's Electric Vehicle Charging Station Program Possibly Under Investigation

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A Nissan Leaf charges at a electric vehicle charging station Thursday, Aug. 18, 2011, in Portland, Ore. More electric car fast-charging stations are coming to Oregon. The Oregon Department of Transportation announced Thursday that 22 of them will be built next year in the northwestern corner of the state. They will cover an area from Astoria to Florence, and from Hood River to Sisters with stations able to recharge an electric car in 30 minutes. That means electric cars will be able to extend th | AP

There was much fanfare back in early 2010, when Chicago signed a nearly $2 million deal to install 280 electric vehicle chargers around the city and surrounding areas.

Chicago and the State of Illinois kicked in $1.9 million (much of it federal stimulus money) for a project with 350Green, perhaps the nation's most aggressive developer of EV charging station networks, to install a total of 280 charging stations. The total cost was pegged at $8.8 million, with 350Green finding private funds for the nearly $7 million to fully fund the project.

According to the 55 page city contract, all 280 charging stations were scheduled to be completed by the end of 2011. But now, six months after the original deadline, the project is only 60% complete, contractors have not been paid for work already completed and it seems the City of Chicago has stopped their payments to 350Green.

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