06/19/2012 02:33 pm ET

German Shepherd Noushka Bewildered By Mishka, Adorable Talking Dog (VIDEO)

You've got to admit, Mishka the talking husky is a pretty bewildering sight for the average person. But imagine her effect on a fellow canine.

Noushka, just another sweet-faced, lovable German shepherd, cannot believe her eyes and ears as she watches a video of Mishka howling "I love you" on the Internet. And her expression of disbelief is absolutely precious.

According to her owner, who posted the endearing video to YouTube last year, "Noushka is a rescue dog from Lebanon who had a rough beginning." She now lives in Canada with her adopted family, and "has adapted quite nicely" to her home.

While German shepherds are physically imposing dogs, they make for great pets, and play well with others. As Pawnation notes, German shepherds "can be dominating and assertive toward dogs, though [they are] normally friendly with other pets in the home."

While Noushka might find Mishka a little bit confusing, judging by her reaction, the two dogs would probably get along just fine.