06/20/2012 08:36 am ET

JOKE: The Burglar And The Parrot

A burglar breaks into a house in a ritzy area of town. He's sure that there's nobody home, but he still sneaks in, doesn't turn on any lights and heads straight for where he thinks the valuables are kept.

Suddenly, he hears a voice call out, "I can see you! Jesus can see you, too!"

The burglar freezes in his tracks. He doesn't move a muscle.

A couple of minutes go by. The voice repeats, "I can see you! Jesus can see you, too!"

The burglar slowly takes out his flashlight, switches it on and looks around the room. He sees a birdcage with a parrot in it.

"Did you say that?" the burglar asks the parrot.

The parrot says again, "I can see you! Jesus can see you, too!"

"Hah! So what?” says the burglar. “You're just a parrot!"

"I may be just a parrot," replies the bird, "but Jesus is a Doberman!"

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