Speculation over who Mitt Romney will choose as his running mate is mounting, especially after news broke that Marco Rubio is not being vetted as a potential candidate.

With Rubio potentially out of the mix, the opportunity for extremely bad choices has never been higher. With that in mind, we've created a helpful list for Mr. Romney, outlining the 25 people he absolutely must NOT choose to run alongside him against President Obama.

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  • Scott Walker

    Sure, he survived the Wisconsin recall, but we're pretty confident he used every last one of his nine lives to do it.

  • Donald Trump

    Remember that one time when Biden stole the spotlight from Obama? Welcome to every day of your presidency if you pick this guy as your running mate.

  • Herman Cain

    The pizza man is far more engaging when he's talking about toppings and not Libya. Also, that chicken commercial freaked everyone out.

  • Sarah Palin

    Possibly the only person who could hog the spotlight more than Trump.

  • John Edwards

    With his scandalous track record he looks like a great GOP candidate on paper, but you just can't count on him.

  • Kevin Bacon

    Who doesn't want Kevin Bacon as their running mate? But he's got a new Fox series coming out in 2013, so he'll be a little too busy.

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Don't remind the wealthy people planning on voting for you about all the money they just lost on the Facebook IPO.

  • Chuck Norris

    While Chuck Norris brings the crucial Walker, Texas Ranger demographic, he won't shave... that's a deal breaker.

  • Victoria Jackson

    We're convinced that Victoria Jackson has been a Sacha Baron Cohen character this whole time, and he's English so he can't be VP.

  • Naked Shia LeBouef

    The only worse pick for VP would be regular Shia LeBouef.

  • Luka Rocco Magnotta, Porn Star Cannibal

    If he'd stopped at porn star, he might have had a political future... but cannibalism is unbefitting of a VP, Republican or Democrat.

  • Pete Campbell

    He WILL stab you in the back.

  • Levi Johnston

    If you want to court the youth vote, go with someone more likable, like Courtney Stodden.

  • That Annoying Kid From "Project X"

    Audiences couldn't stand him for 90 minutes. You don't want to be stuck with him for 4 years.

  • Mike Huckabee's Guitar

    Sorry, God doesn't want Huckabee's guitar to run right now either.

  • Someone With A Shopping Cart Full Of Money

    Again, on paper, this VP looks great. But it will do nothing to shake up the Scrooge McDuck image.

  • Mel Gibson

    Most people think he was born in Australia, though he was actually born in New York. Still, you don't want to get into a birth certificate debate. That would just be silly. And that's absolutely the only reason this wouldn't work.

  • Kevin Costner

    According to his <a href="http://www.santabarbaraview.com/kevin-costner-dances-with-hedges44525/" target="_hplink">neighbor</a>, he doesn't properly trim his hedges; immediate disqualification.

  • Guy Fieri

    Sorry, but the Vice Presidency is no place for extreme anything.

  • Asimo the Robot

    Might upstage you with his personality and human-like qualities.

  • Miley Cyrus

    No sideboob in the White House... it's just not appropriate.

  • David

    A robot that looks like a human, has great hair and a confusing belief system? A little on the nose, don't you think?

  • Benedict Cumberbatch

    If any British person could be VP, it would be him. Alas, we just don't live in that world. He'll just have to be Vice President of Our Hearts Cumberbatch.

  • Carly Rae Jepsen

    Yes, "Call Me Maybe" is the song of the summer, but the election is in the Fall. You have to think ahead.

  • Barack Obama

    Could be a good option since, like you when you were governor of Massachusetts, he's pro-choice and passed progressive healthcare legislation. However, he may not be willing to leave his day job.

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