Barbara Walters had a laughing fit on Wednesday's "The View" while discussing the many detestable aspects of shopping for bathing suits.

The co-host shared her disdain for looking for a suitable piece of swimwear. "Is there anything worse for a woman than to have to go out and try on bathing suits?" Barbara asked. "Men do not understand. What fits on the top doesn't fit in the bottom."

"Is it two piece?" Whoopi asked, looking slightly perturbed.

Barbara rejected the idea, joking, "One that goes up to the neck and down the ankles?"

Elisabeth took issue with another part of shopping for bathing suits: the clear stickers that line the crotch of swim bottoms. "Don't those gross you out? she said.

"Don't you take that out?" Whoopi responded.

"No, you have to leave it in!" Barbara said.

Her next thought proved too much for her to handle. "You have to leave it in because it covers your vagina," she said, cracking up mid-sentence and burying her head in her hands.

"I thought it was to protect other people from your vajayjay," Joy quipped.

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