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Democalypse 2012: Jon Stewart Mocks Political Pandering (VIDEO)

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On Tuesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart debuted a new edition of his Democalypse 2012 segment entitled Pander Express. See, with the November elections looming ever closer, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are starting to zero in on their core demographics in order to lock in votes.

The result? A whole lot of pandering.

Whether it's gay, Latino or environmentalist voters, Stewart joked, "Barack Obama must appeal to a diverse, endlessly fractured coalition of competing interests, while Mitt Romney must bring together what appears to be 50 shades of white."

But in case that's difficult to understand, Stewart came up with a simple "Lord of the Rings" analogy to help break it down.

Check out the full clip above, and then watch correspondents Wyatt Cenac and John Oliver sit down later in the episode to help Stewart sort through the issues.

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