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LeBron James Cramp: Heat Star Nails 3-Point Shot, Curses In Pain In NBA Finals Game 4 (VIDEO)

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Had the Oklahoma City Thunder rallied to win Game 4 of the NBA Finals then it might be remembered as the "Russell Westbrook Game" as the OKC guard exploded for 43 points. But Westbrook committed a mental error at a key moment and the Miami Heat held on for the win.

Ladies and gentleman, please welcome the "Cramp Game" to NBA Finals annals. Perhaps some folks in Miami, or Lawrence, will push for this game to be remembered as the "Super Mario Game" but LeBron James' big shot while struggling with a painful leg cramp will likely remain the most memorable moment from the night.

With the score tied at 90, James droves into the lane but went down en route to the rim. James didn't get back on defense and was still at the other end of the floor when he caught a long outlet pass for a quick 7-footer to finish a fast break. After that bucket, the three-time MVP started to limp back down the court but he couldn't make it. James, who was then one rebound away from a triple-double, needed to be carried to the bench. To his credit, James didn't need a wheel chair.

James was writhing in pain -- a moment which ABC probably wished they censored -- as trainers attended to aleg cramp. But it only took a minute and 10 seconds for him to stand up, stretch it out and check back in. With the score tied at 94, LeBron got the ball at the top of the key and nailed a 3-pointer right over Thabo Sefolosha.


James limped to get on defense but soon had to leave the game again with 55 seconds left and Miami leading 99-96. Thanks to yet another Chalmers score and the aforementioned gaffe by Westbrook, Miami held on to win Game 4.

Ken Berger and Pete Prisco of CBS Sports were quick to compare James' return to Willis Reed's famous comeback in Game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals, but there were several who took to Twitter to squash that notion. Even if it provided some drama and memorable moment, LeBron's cramp hardly measures up against Michael Jordan's flu or Reeds' torn thigh muscle in terms of championship obstacles.

Ken Berger
Willis, I mean LeBron James to the scorer's table.

Jon Mayotte
Anyone who compares LeBron to Willis Reed or Jordan (flu game) is an idiot. A straight up moron.

Marv Albert
The only difference between the Willis Reed game and this Lebron game was that Willis Reed was actually injured.

Blake Belcher
They're comparing Lebron's performance to Willis Reed. He had a leg cramp! Big deal!

Joey Engels
LeBron is not Willis Reed, he didn't have the flu game, and he wasn't like Isiah with a limp. He didnt drink enough water today, thats it!

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