San Francisco's Rudest Bars And Restaurants: SF Tops National 'Most Abusive' Restaurant List (PHOTOS)

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In honor of Conan O'Brien's viral video faceoff between Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and the staff of Chicago's rudest restaurant Wiener's Circle, Grub Street San Francisco released a list of the thirteen most abusive restaurants in America.

And though the East Coast has traditionally held the title for meanest waitstaff demeanor, San Francisco made the list a staggering three times--more than any other city in the nation.


Say it ain't so, Grub Street!

While other cities like New York, Boston and Philadelphia were cited for their loud-mouth attitudes, San Francisco was noted for its stringent rules (see the list of ways to get kicked out of Zeitgeist), stifling in-house etiquette (don't even think of dunking your sushi rice first in soy sauce) and all-around tough love. And then again, there's always Sam Wo.

Has our bar and restaurant reverence gone too far? Grub Street got us thinking about a few not-so-hospitable interactions of our own.

Check out a few of San Francisco's most infamously rude bar and restaurants and add a few of your favorites in the comments section. Then, watch Insult the Comic Dog taking on Weiner's Circle in the video below:

San Francisco Rudest Bars And Restaurants
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Filed by Robin Wilkey